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Business safety in your supply chain
Nov 02, 2018We had required to audit an textile factory in Nanc
We had required to audit an textile factory in Nanchang of Jiangxi province, sunplus is professional in inspecting the garment products and helping our client verifying if the factory is suitable for cooperations.


Nov 02, 201875 workers were killed and 186 injured due to an ex
75 workers were killed and 186 injured due to an explosion at an auto parts factory in Jiangsu province. Officials have said poor safety standards and excessive levels of combustible dust are to blame for the explosion at Zhongrong Metal Products Company.


Nov 02, 2018Child Labor at Samsung Supplier
U.S. based China Labor Watch said it found "at least five child workers" without contracts at a Samsung supplier in China and called their monitoring process "ineffective." Samsung has since announced that it will continue using the supplier, as the workers were employed through a subcontractor.


Nov 02, 2018Guangdong Strike
Over 30,000 workers are now involved in strikes in the Guangdong province as the unrest spreads to neighbouring factories.


Feb 15, 2016Oct 23, 2014 Tablet PC inspection
Performed the pre-shipment inspection for tablet PC requested by Nexus from Japan. The inspection items include the quantity and packing check, battery check, 3G function check, camera check, bluetooth function check, WIFI check, HDMI check, USB check, Audio out check, TF card check, start-up language check, GPS check, Movie playing function check and accessories checking. ROHS, EMC, FCC, shipping label and bar code reading checking items are also included.


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Our company ordered a factory audit service from the SunplusInsection. They finished the analysis report in three days after the order had been put. The report is very detailed, thorough and professional, with all the information (e.g., organization structure, production process & capacity, quality control & related certificates ect. ect.) we want to know from the suppiler. I am just writing to say thanks for your service. Your expertise and experience had been greatly appreciated. Since emerging markets are our new priority now, we look forwad to doing business with you again in the near future.

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