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Business safety in your supply chain
Nov 18, 2019Regulatory crackdown on E-cigarettes
Annual sales of E-cigarettes and other electronic nicotine delivery system have risen in value from a few million dollars to dozens of billion dollars in the past ten years. However, more and more evidences show smoking E-cigarettes could harm health. In some reports, it could even possibly cause cancer, just like traditional cigarettes. The World Health Organization has called for the regulation of E-cigarettes as both tobacco and medical products. The practice of advertising and selling E-cigarettes and vaporizers has also been increasingly regulated across the world.


Nov 15, 2019Heated US-China Trade War
The Trade War waged by US President Donald Trump against China is affecting almost every aspect of the global economy. It has been a “lose-lose” situation for both countries and the wider world, and it seems it will not stop any time soon. Research shows that companies with global supply chain are adjusting their structures and models to cope with this situation, hoping to minimize the negative impact. Some companies are rushing to move their factories from the mainland of China to other places, such as Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia where they believe are far away from the trade war. However, more and more countries are becoming US’s targets. No country is safe.


Nov 08, 2019Our Project Management Program
In the year of 2019, the economy of China faced the direct impact of China-US trade war, cooling manufacturing, and downward investment sentiment. As a bridge between buyers and sellers, Sunplus is in the middle of this challenge. With our Project Management Program and the help of our business partners, we have helped a few clients to re-evaluate, re-connect and re-build quality control system of their new Southeast Asia plants.


Nov 08, 2019Upcoming 11.11 -World’s biggest shopping festival
It has been almost a decade since Alibaba Group, China’s E-commerce titan held the first ever “Double 11” shopping festival. It made a nearly 400 times growth from 2009 with $7.8 million gross sales, to $30.8 billion gross sales, 2018. This year, there are new trends. Alibaba Group not only emphasizes that “minimizing its environmental impact is essential”, but also teams up with major quality control companies to ensure products on its platform fulfill the increasing quality requirements of consumers. 


Nov 05, 2019China International Import Expo (CIIE)
The 2nd China International Import Expo is opening now from November 5, 2019 to November 10. 2019 at Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center. President Xi of China gave keynote speech on the opening ceremony, addressing “The CIIE, an event to be held on an annual basis, will feature good performance, good results and continued success in the years to come”. Several international forums will also be held during this Expo. It is reported, that so far, millions of dollars deals have been made by Chinese companies and their business partners overseas.


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Our company ordered a factory audit service from the SunplusInsection. They finished the analysis report in three days after the order had been put. The report is very detailed, thorough and professional, with all the information (e.g., organization structure, production process & capacity, quality control & related certificates ect. ect.) we want to know from the suppiler. I am just writing to say thanks for your service. Your expertise and experience had been greatly appreciated. Since emerging markets are our new priority now, we look forwad to doing business with you again in the near future.

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